Installation Composition

Composition and performance of an original live score for film documentaries

Jai Ta Lan (Feast and Labour) toured in South America, Spain and France ( 2012-2013)

Musicians and composers:

David Azpiazu Torres: Electric Guitar, Bass, Harmonica

Isa Suarez: Bass, Keyboards, Electronics


”Navarra las cuatro estaciones”
(1970-71) directed by Pío Caro Baroja
(ethnographic film documentary (INAAC/Filmoteca de Navarra -Gobierno de Navarra- Spain)

”Untitled” película muda dirigida
directed by Felipe Manterola (1929)
(film archives – Filmoteca Vasca- San Sebastian – Spain)

Commissioned by The Basque Cultural Institute and The Basque Museum for a European and South American Tour in 2013/14.

With support from Basque Electronic Diaspora ( B.E.D)