Isa Suarez Live

A selection of songs from Suarez ‘s discography


In Transformation album reviews:

”Sung and chanted in a mix of French, English and Spanish, this album veers between skeletal reggae, bewitching orchestral pieces and fully-fledged drum and bass songs.

More than a grab bag of ideas, it’s a captivating introduction to an artist at her creative peak.”

Tom Short- MU magazine


 ”It’s got a vib and a kind of mystery of Laurie Anderson… and then beautiful French vocals weaving in and out of that.”

DJ Ritu – A World in London – SOAS radio show


End of the Century album review:

”They sound like they’re on the edge of a new world where the laws of physics no longer have quite the same hold.”

Melody Maker

Check out her latest album’s pop video: “Letter to the racketeers’’ here.


Check out her full discography here: